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new here!

wow i am so glad i found this community! i like the fact that there are people out there like myself who have an affinity for the old time players! REAL ballplayers if you know what i mean! although i have never seen most of my heroes play i still love them all the same!

my favourites include the great tony gwynn,wade boggs,mickey mantle,jackie robison,cal ripken,nolan ryan,bob gibson,stan musial, the babe,rod carew and roberto clemente to name a few........

one of my all time favourites though was an intriguing yet despited man but was without a doubt the greatest pure hitter in the game,one of the first great base stealers and a real ballplayer. but,also a really rotten person off the field and hated by almost everyone the one and only the georgia peach ty cobb:

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