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Random Player Remembered : 3/25/03

I thought it would be entertaining and somewhat interesting to post a random player from the past and their best all around season, every day or so. I started doing this in my fantasy baseball league, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It's important to remember these people too!! Hah.

The Random Player Remembered for today is:

Lee Mazzilli - New York Mets - OF/1B

In 1979, at age 24, Lee Mazzilli hit .303 for the New York Mets. He also knocked 15 homeruns and 79 RBI that season in addition to stealing 34 bases and amassing 34 doubles. "Maz" retired in 1989 at the age of 34 after playing 28 games with the Toronto Blue Jays. In 14 seasons, he just fell short of 100 homeruns.
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