James (flashfire) wrote in thegoodoldays,

Let's play two

I wish there were more people around like Ernie Banks. Doubleheaders are cool.

Anyhow, yeah - new place, sounds like a cool topic. My knowledge of baseball history is probably spotty for the most part unless I have something to remind me of a certain thing. There's a fair bit of knowledge in this thing I call a brain, but I often need a little catalyst to recall one thing or another.

I don't know if you've seen these websites, but they've got a lot of good pics of most of the old, long-lost ballparks, places like the Polo Grounds, Ebbets Field, Shibe Park, Forbes Field, Crosley Field, Cleveland Stadium, Braves Field, Comiskey Park, County Stadium, Expo Park, Griffith Stadium, League Park, Seals Stadium, Sportsmans Park, The Baker Bowl, Hilltop Park, etc:

Stadium Graveyard, a subsection of StadiumPage.com. Also, Ballparks.com is the best resource I've found for many of the old ballparks, all the current ones, and many of the future ones that are either being built now or in the works. You can spend hours digging through all the info and history in some of these places.
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